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The owner of All Adds Up Bookkeeping & Payroll Services is Carrie McClanahan. She has a certificate in Business Management and has been in the bookkeeping field for over 25 years. She is extremely organized, and enjoys the attention to detail that is required in order to produce financial statements that you can trust. She enjoys the challenges of problem-solving and setting up efficient, cost-effective systems to satisfy the unique individual needs of her clients. She is very analytical and can offer a perspective from many angles. She has an eye for watching costs and advises where to trim expenses when possible.

After all, the bottom line is just that ~ The Bottom Line.  All Adds Up provides solid financial information to their clients so they can make informed decisions surrounding their own business.  We understand that this relationship depends on a win-win situation for all.  The success of our clients is key to the success of All Adds Up.  

Carrie's true character, honesty, and integrity truly surpass. Ultimately, they are the foundation of what makes All Adds Up shine above the competition.

Some examples of our clientele include:

  • Property Management 
  • Churches
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Small business construction, landscaping, etc.
  • Homeowner's Associations
  • Lawyers
  • Daycares & Preschools
  • Financial Planners
  • Real Estate Firms
  • Tech Consulting Firms

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The staff at All Adds Up are highly screened and background-checked for your protection.